Parent & Me

Are you a new parent with your little one attached to you most of the day? Looking to get into a regular workout routine again but still can’t get away from your baby for long periods of time? Having trouble making it to a scheduled group fitness class on time due to nap schedules and emergency diaper changes? Feeling frustrated that when you finally do make it to an exercise class you spend a quarter of the time nursing or rocking and don’t really perform a full workout? Rebecca’s Parent & Me sessions offer all the benefits of her personal training service, in 80 minute windows, so that you can be sure to workout fully no matter what comes up before or in the middle of the session.


Costs on average between $70-$80/80min.
Locations: Caltech gym, In home, or agreed upon location within 8 miles of Pasadena


Becca’s high intensity workouts kicked my butt – but her energy and the sheer variety of exercises kept me moving and having a blast. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to make it through the workout, but the quick paced format and Becca’s knack for offering multiple modifications kept me inspired to rise to the challenge!  Love, love, love– Rachel, Mother of 2, Library Education Manager